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What is Lyrics marketing?


Introducing a simple but effective way to interate your brand into the fabric of society... 

through music


Generate additional revenue by incorporating brands in your songs; as writers have already been doing for years

Make Beautiful Music together

Create lasting impressions through integrating song and targeted brand


Marketing through lyrics

Imagine this- Your product woven into the minds of your target audience in a non-intrusive way, that makes a lasting impression and literally has them singing your praises.  

We literally place your product in song lyrics.  

Not just a generic placement, however.  We match your product/brand with a targeted musical niche and weave your product/brand into the lyrics in a way that is natural and non-mercenary.  

It's been done before, but not intentionally

"Hey, wait a minute!  I've heard songs with brands in them before!", you say.  YES, you have.  It's been going on for decades.  Songs like "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" mentions Cracker Jacks; Jimmy Buffett's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" mentions Heinz 57;  Rascal Flatts' "Mayberry" mentions Cherry Coke, and Kanye West's "The Glory" sings the praises of Louis Vuitton.  Migos (featuring Drake) even wrote a song called "Versace".  

But, many of those examples were written without the brand and the writer working together as a marketing team.  The brands were included to either name drop or because the brand worked well in the lyrics.  

Plan and save

Lyrics Marketing gives you the marketer a chance to work this integration into your marketing plan.  Your brand could strategically include this product integration into a product rollout, to improve market share or to protect your core customer base; all at a fraction of the price of a major TV or radio campaign.



Integrating a brand into your lyrics

For years, writers have been including brands into song lyrics.  Kenny Chesney, Jay-Z, Jimmy Buffett, Kanye West, Rascal Flatts, Bruno Mars, Soulja Boy, Toby Keith, Chamillionaire, Martina McBride,

Run-DMC, and dozens of others have had brands written into their song's lyrics.  Even the Beatles wrote Coca-Cola into the lyrics of "Come Together", which has been re-recorded dozens of times, including the top 10 version by Aerosmith.  

And how many times has that one song been sung by fans, in their cars, at concerts, at parties and in the shower?  

The question is- shouldn't someone have gotten paid for that?  

The elephant in the room

Let's just get it out in the open; the elephant in the room.  "Isn't it mercenary to shove some brand into my song?  I'm an artist and I don't want my songs to start sounding like a commercial."  

We understand and hear you loud and clear.  No one wants that.  We only want a brand/product integrated into song lyrics that make sense and flow like the song you were going to write.  

So, if you were writing a song that had the lyric "sitting under a shady tree drinking an ice cold beer", you might consider "sitting under a shady tree drinking an ice cold Bud".  Or if you were going to write "sitting on the back of my old pick-up truck", perhaps you'd write "Sitting on the back of my old Chevy truck".  If it works- great!  If not, don't compromise the integrity of your song.  

You also have our promise that we will only match writers, songs with the RIGHT brand.  Using the example above, we'd never try to get a country music writer to write "sitting under a shady tree with an ice cold Lowenbrau".  It just doesn't work and would compromise the integrity of the writer, the artist and even more importantly, the fans wouldn't buy it.  

Current state of the music industry

We understand that the music industry could use an infusion of capital.  Since the onset of downloads (instead of albums and CD's), there have been fewer dollars to be had in the music business.  We believe that getting paid for something you already do, and that does not compromise the quality or integrity of your work could be a huge boost that the industry sorely needs.  



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